Elementary - High School Sewn Paintings Early Performances The 1976 All American Glamour Kitty Pageant The 1976 All American Glamour Kitty Pageant Show Great Goddesses Along The Road
Terrorist Kitty and Erma Metal Reliefs Sculpture Installations 1984 NAME Show - Chicago Mid 80's 1989 Chicago Wall Frames Along The Road
Metal Drawings and Books Waterloo Art Center Exhibit Brochure Homeless Drawings 1986-91 Bemis 1993 Bed Shoe Home YWCA Windows 95 Wisdom Picture Pillow Story 1971-2007 Prints Along The Road
Blind in Portugal Blind in New York City Migration and Fatigue Workshift Slow Dip Steady Drip Metal Notes and Books 1979-2009 Homeless Notes Morton's Salt and a Semester at Sea Quality Chef BCISUC In the Studio Along the Road
Kama Kama Corner Pathetic and Pitiful (Un)Seen Work: Traditions and Transitions part 1 (Un)Seen Work: Traditions and Transitions part 2 (Un)Seen Work: Traditions and Transitions part 3 The Architecture of Migration: Iíll be back for the cat Along The Road In the Studio
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BED SHOE HOME AIR Gallery A.I.R. Gallery History 2008 Iowa Arts Council Lucid Planet Mount Mercy University Act Out: Performative Video
Along The Road

The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millennium General Assembly, James Hampton 1950s, (now installed at the National Gallery of American Art, Washington DC), 1976

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